There are over 35 million children in India with developmental disabilities and more than 6,00,000 in Kolkata.

    This grave problem can only be tackled through early screening & identification and Early Intervention Programs, to bring out the best in the affected individual

    As a team of developmental specialists, we felt it a compelling responsibility to render integrated, specialized services to these deserving and deprived children, and Udbhaas was conceived in 2008.



    Developmentally Challenged Patients Attended in urban clinic since 2011.


    Developmentally Challenged Patients Attended in rural clinic since 2011.

    Udbhaas is conducting awareness programs at various levels, addressing Pediatricians, physicians, school teachers, parent groups and community based care-givers.

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    Early Childhood Development Promotion in South 24 Paraganas:  

    ‘Maaye-Chhaaye’ Program'

      Udbhaas enters South 24parganas district (Budge Budge II block) with a new project. In this joint venture with UNICEF we will reach out to 8000+ little children, 0-3 years of age and their parents in Budge Budge II block.

      We intend to spread the message of ‘Nurturing Care for Early Childhood Development’ among parents and caregivers, so that ALL the little ones can achieve optimum, holistic development.  Why this endeavor? Because a peek into the future tells us that the children who are blooming to their fullest will grow into confident, educated, empathetic and better performing adult citizens of a brighter world!

      You may wonder what ‘Nurturing Care for ECD’ alludes to? It is a simple yet very insightful 5-pronged network proposed by WHO, which encompasses Good health, adequate Nutrition, Safety & security, Early learning Opportunity and Responsive care-giving for the child.

    What are we doing?

    1. We are training more than 220 Field Level workers from the health Department (ASHA, ANM and CHO) on ECD-NC. They in turn will spread the message to parents at the grass-root level.

    2.  We have created a team of Community ECD Activists(CECDA) by training a group of enthusiastic, young educated girls from the locality, who will hold regular interactive sessions with mother groups to instill the ECD-NC concept deep in their minds. Through them we are planning to reach out to 1000+ mothers with an intensive program, ‘Maaye-Chhaye’- a rural version of the ‘Mommy & Me’ programs, customized to local needs and culture.

    We are also coming up with ECD Hubs/ skill labs with audio-visual and hands on demonstrations on ECD-NC in this rural community. All parents, care-givers, teachers and local people are invited to come , see and learn. 



    Thanks to modern technology coupled with sincere efforts of Udbhaas team and our frontline workers…we have succeeded to reach the unreachable and provide early intervention therapy at their doorstep! This is indeed a fulfilling moment for all.

     Our frontline workers’ zeal to learn and perform is most commendable. They are learning the art and science of Early Intervention and are providing the sessions with full confidence, while our specialists at the backend are constantly guiding them through tele-consultation. Through this team effort we aspire to render the best possible services to the under-privileged children with special needs. May this journey continue.

    We want to see our children with special needs grow up happy and content, with the confidence to live an independent and purposeful life, to the best of their ability. Let us, as parents, teachers, doctors and as a society, learn to accept them, love them and allow them to bloom to the fullest

    Dr. Nandita Chatterjee (Director, Udbhaas)

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