Participation in IACPCON 2018

It was a proud moment for all of us at UDBHAAS when we were invited to participate at the National Conference of Indian Academy of Cerebral Palsy (IACPCON-2018) at Kolkata. Our Director, Dr Nandita Chatterjee was invited to chair a doctors’ session at the same conference. Our children presented a short cultural program and we were also asked to take part in an exhibition there.


The year ended with the Christmas celebrations. One of our students came dressed as Santa and the whole day we had lots of fun and joy together. We made finger puppets, danced and played. Thus, alongside regular clinics, therapy sessions and classroom teaching, a lot had been happening all through the year to keep us all busy and amused!

Advocacy program on Early Childhood Development launched by UDBHAAS alongwith UNICEF in Kolkata on 12th December 2019

The program was graced by the presence of the Hon'ble minister of Women and Child Development and many other dignitaries. We were honoured to have with us stalwarts in the field of ECD from across the country as speakers.There was also an exhibition on ECD implemention techniques by various prganizations including Udbhaas.Another attraction was the musical performamce 'Udbhasito Alo' (The Radiance) rendered by the special children of Udbhaas. 54 children with challenges singing and dancing on stage merrily with their mothers and teachers was a sight to behold and fondly cherish for long.

International Autism Day Celebration

We celebrate International Autism Awareness day every year. We walked together down the streets of our neighbourhood spreading Autism awareness messages through performances at street corners. Children of Udbhaas speak for themselves, with or without words, through gestures, mime, music & dance.

Annual Program: Sabar Majhare

Udbhaas celebrates its 2nd Annual Program on 6th April 2018 with a musical presentation by our special children. They were accompanied by children from the mainstream, who joined in with love, support and acceptance. Inclusion with love , was the unique message of our program “Sabar Majhare” [Amidst all]. We were honoured by the luminous presence of eminent stars of Bangla movies: Sri Abir Chatterjee, Ms Parno Mittra and Dr Kausik Ghosh.

celebration of Saraswati Puja

All teachers, staff, students and parents joined together and took part in the Saraswati Puja, worshipping the Goddess of knowledge and learning. Our little students joined in with lots of enthusiasm to create wall-decorations for the event.

Outdoor tours

It was a real pleasure to venture on a day-out with our students and their families. This way we come to know each other better and feel the closeness. Parents took a great initiative and helped us to organise this event this year. We had to hire two buses to accommodate our enthusiastic members. Students enjoyed this out of routine day very much. Outdoor games and socialization is very much needed for all children and we are happy we could provide such an opportunity to our kids.

World Disability Day

A day to promote the rights and well-being of persons with disabilities. Every seed has the right to germinate and grow into a beautiful plant, every bud has the right to bloom. Some may not grow or bloom to the fullest, but nurtured with care and love, with air and water, they all will flourish to the best of their ability. To celebrate this day, the happy little children at Udbhaas, alongwith their teachers, spent a blissful morning planting saplings, watering plants and decorating pots. Their glowing faces and nimble fingers at work touched the hearts of all around. Truly, the spirit of love, perseverance and sincerity can overcome all disability.

THEATER Workshop

It is all about expression. Tanisha, Siddharta and many more at Udbhaas are eager to express themselves, but unfortunately dont know how…. either they dont have the words or are unable to reach you… or maybe we are missing what they want to express? On 1st of October, USHNEEK, the renowned Kolkata based theatre group came and joined hands with Udbhaas to gift these children with the wonderful art of expression through an enchanting Theatre Workshop for the kids. After all, theatre is all about expression! It was the magic touch by the artists Subhajit and Saheli, with their finger puppets, their ball game their mimes and above all, their smiles, with which they warmed up these kids and got them actively and happily involved. They were coming out of their shells! Thank you Ushneek. We eagerly look forward to your next session.